Customer Testimonials

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

"I’ve been a Maximizer user since it was a DOS version. It’s one of my best productivity tools. But I hadn’t updated the software every year, and that eventually started causing problems. Maximizer quoted me a price that was way too expensive, but Shannon saved the day. Island CRM not only converted my database and converted the software, but installed it, did troubleshooting, and continued to solve little problems and answer questions so I could be back at 100% fast. The data conversion is evidently tricky. Shannon kept at it until my database was perfect, and then gave me additional tips to help me protect it in the future."

Casey Hart (President and Chief Marketing Strategist)
The Informer

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

I just want to tell you that I’m very impressed with your promptness, professionalism, knowledge and willingness to assist and communicate quickly by email.

I have rarely had to ever get assistance for anything within Maximizer and usually, it has been when there has been a big problem (like when Pervasive pulled the plug and we had to switch versions and/or upgrade to Windows 7). You guys stand head and shoulders apart from so many other organizations in terms of your level of service and assistance. It is a distinctly different experience, does not go unnoticed and I cannot thank you enough for your conscientiousness and assistance. It’s HUGELY appreciated let me tell you.

I too work in CS and have clients and I’m on the front lines so I’m hyper-sensitive to ‘poor service’ when I’m on the receiving end.

Island CRM is a total pleasure to work with and although I detest having to ask for assistance, I know that when I need to, I can absolutely rely upon you folks to set things right and do so quickly.

Thank you again. Really. You’ve made my day.

(And if they’ve not offered you a raise recently, tell them I think you deserve one!)

David Towler (President)
Creative Organizational Design

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with the Maximizer sales department (a real person answered the phone) whom gave me Island CRM contact information, so two days ago I was able to get in touch with them and yesterday had my problem fixed.

Island CRM was very responsive in helping with our problems right away and I am grateful to now have their contact information. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Maximizer themselves.

Jamie Hanson (Inside Sales Manager)
Martech Services Company

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

The service you provided through Island CRM to connect my I-Phone to Maximizer CRM was exceptional! I have paid multiples in the past only to spend frustrating time asking the limited English speaking person to repeat themselves so I could understand. I believe Maximizer is a well designed program but like all programs it requires expert technical support to reap maximum benefits. Sonya's knowledge of Maximizer, Outlook, and smart-phones really made the difference between solving my issues, or my changing programs completely. I have used Maximizer since version 2, and now have V-11, almost 20 years, so am thankful to have found you so I can keep using Maximizer. Your help was PRICELESS.

Mike Garrette (Chief Executive Officer)
Mike Garrette Agency, Inc.

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

I would like to say that your technician was simply FANTASTIC. Not just because he was so good at diagnosing and repairing the issue, but he did it with a FANTASTIC attitude and he was a complete pleasure to deal with. Thank you for your assistance. Quite frankly I have paid your invoice so quickly because of my experience.

Patti Scott (Chief Executive Officer)
West Coast Medical Office Assistant Services

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

Thank you so much for your help and your courtesy yesterday. You were most pleasant and thoroughly professional.

While I am hopeful that I will not another need for your service, one never knows. Feel free to contact me at any time. I would happy to hear from you.

Thanks again,

Dick Derrick (Richard H.)

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

Island CRM and, more importantly Shannon Porter, has become an invaluable asset to me and my office in making sure that our Maximizer Entrepreneur CRM functions to its maximum potential for us. On our recent tech service request Shannon performed beyond my normal expectations for technicians by not only investigating potential problems within the software and appropriate systems, but went farther, working with my internet and wifi provider via conference call to trace potential problems into the wifi and make fixes there. Top that off with the fact that he checked back with me to make sure everything was working fine. Unusual, indeed.

Royce Weisinger (Design Consultant)
Grounds For Play Inc.

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for your recent service transferring our Maximizer from our old computers to our new computers.

Sonya Bendixen was the contact person who helped get us back up and running. She was fast, efficient and even when her job was done called and left me a message to let me know additional information we had inquired about. I would without hesitation have Sonya back to work with us on any future issues that require support. Sonya provided quality service. A rare experience these days.

Thank you Sonya!


Angela Pawluk
Nelson Financial

Maximizer Entrepreneur Client

I want to thank you and Sonya for all your excellent help and getting me up and running on Maximizer CRM-10. This is much appreciated more than you can imagine.

Brian Howe (Branch Manager / Senior Financial Advisor)
Assante Capital Management Ltd.