Mobilize your sales force to build customer relationships and win more deals with MaxMobile for BlackBerry smartphones. With real-time access to your Maximizer CRM database in the office, empower field sales and service staff to access and update accounts, notes, leads, sales opportunities, customer service cases and their sales forecast - all while they're on the road.

  • Install MaxMobile on the latest BlackBerry devices including the Bold™ Storm™ and Tour™ MaxMobile
  • Deploy MaxMobile wirelessly quickly and easily on BlackBerry devices via email push to staff
  • Consolidate customer communications into one convenient, action-oriented workspace
  • Get real-time online access to your entire Maximizer CRM database content on your BlackBerry
  • Monitor the status of your business and team performance at a glance, with real-time dashboards and reports on your BlackBerry and make timely decisions to drive revenue.
  • Access and update your contacts and leads (including custom fields), appointments, tasks, notes, sales opportunities and service cases on-the-fly, by connecting to your Maximizer CRM database in real-time
  • Make real-time updates from the field on lead status and qualification, forecasted revenue and sales opportunity details
  • Enable collaboration among team members on the road to set up multi-user appointments, assign tasks, update sales opportunities, and escalate service cases - no matter where they are
  • Log incoming and outbound calls to and from your smartphone to the Maximizer CRM client record
  • Create new contacts, sales opportunities and cases from BlackBerry emails, address book entries and phone records
  • Elevate the level of communication and information kept on record with video, voice and image capture and storage in the customer or prospect’s record within Maximizer CRM
  • Plan your optimal day of appointments and activities by mapping multiple customers to your BlackBerry GPS to get turn-by-turn directions
  • Tap into valuable corporate resources through the Company Library to send NDAs, brochures, quotes and other documents to customers and prospects

Improve productivity in the field by viewing, creating and editing documents on your BlackBerry.