MaxBackup for Maximizer

If you have every struggled with:
• Setting up an automatic backup (It just runs and you don’t have to worry that you might forget to do a Quick Backup!)
• Managing your backup archive & backup retention (Cleaning up unneeded backups and reclaiming important disk space!)
• Managing your offsite backup (Getting your backup out of the building in case of meteorite strikes!)
• You simply don’t fully understand the importance of a good Maximizer backup (Until you need it that is!)
Then IslandCRM has a simple, but useful Maximizer add-on for you!

Features MaxBackup has that you don't get from Maximizer’s built-in native backup:
1. Scheduled automated backups (Easily setup and test a backup schedule suitable for your business and the level of data loss risk you are comfortable with)
2. Backup notifications (Receive email notification from MaxBackup informing you when you have a successful backup, or when it has failed, so you can fixed it before it’s too late)
3. Automated Backup History grooming (You may start out with 5 backups a week, but 6 months down the road you most likely only need 1 backup from every month; not 20. Let MaxBackup manage that cleanup for you, so you don’t run out of valuable disk space for your latest and current database backup.)
4. Easy access to your existing database backups for quick management, or recovery (View all your backups from a simple and easy to manage window organized by date)
5. Easy database recovery (Overwrite your existing corrupt database, or date snapshot recovery of a database, so you can recover single damaged customer records, or missing records, without losing healthy existing customer records)
MaxBackup is designed for Maximizer, but it is a SQL database backup tool and has the ability to backup any SQL instance on your local computer system. Its design focus has been small to medium size database backup solutions (Entrepreneur level businesses), but has been tested against large database installations (Enterprise level businesses) and has successfully provided reliable backup and recovery.

MaxBackup is simple! "A set it and forget it" database backup solution!

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