MaxNotify for Maximizer

MaxNotify is a simple Maximizer add-on which monitors additions, modifications, and Deletions for the Maximizer address book records and emails these changes to your email address. Who would install MaxNotify? One side of the coin is a company with a department that does not have Maximizer installed (Accounting for example). This Maximizer-less department needs to know when new client information is added and changed for their record tracking and invoicing. This way invoices still get mail to the right location. On the other side of the coin is a business owner who doesn’t complete trust his staff with his client records. This business owner has to give full access to his employees or they will not have the ability to do their jobs. MaxNotify will inform this business owner when records are changed and if the business owner needs to undue these changes he has the information to do so.

MaxNotify Supported Versions & Editions

MaxNotify will work with Maximizer versions 10, 10.5 and 11 and will work with Maximizer editions Entrepreneur, Team, Group, Professional, and Enterprise. MaxNotify will install on Windows 98 (All Editions), Windows XP (All Editions), Windows 2000 (All Editions), Windows 2003 (All Editions), Windows Vista (All Editions), and Windows 7 (All Editions).

MaxNotify Email Format

MaxNotify will send an email for every Maximizer address book entry that has been created, modify, or deleted.

MaxNotify Information Event Format

MaxNotify by default creates an Information Event log for ever record addition, modification, and deletion with the same details that are used for the email notifications.

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