What We DoShannon Porter

IslandCRM performs any IT support and service related to Maximizer software. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maximizer backup support: We will check your backup process to ensure you are getting a good backup. We can set up automated scripts to run on a schedule to perform regular backups, and we can recover missing data while still keeping the integrity of your existing uncorrupted data.
  • Maximizer troubleshooting and break-fix: There are no Maximizer glitch errors or problems that we have not encountered or that we can not find a solution for.
  • Maximizer customization: If there is a task that you want your Maximizer installation to perform that it currently does not, we can help. Some additional tasks involve simple changes while others require programming code additions; IslandCRM carries out a free evaluation to discover your needs.
  • Maximizer training: We provide classroom training, one-on-one guidance and everything in between.
  • Maximizer reporting services: We can show you which built-in reports exist so you can get the best out of your Maximizer installation. If standard reports do not meet your needs, we can create a custom report that will do the job. You just have to tell us what you want.
Of course, we also sell additional Maximizer licenses, upgrade licenses and add-ons. We perform all Maximizer installations and upgrades, but we also support older versions of Maximizer.


Shannon Porter began doing Maximizer CRM software consulting work in Victoria, BC in 2000. In 2001, Maximizer approached Shannon to become a business partner, but other business interests prevented him from doing so at that time. The opportunity presented itself again for Shannon to certify with Maximizer as a Maximizer Solution Provider and Shannon wrote the 9.5 certification exams obtaining certification early in 2005. In 2007, Shannon took his Maximizer experience to Atlantic Canada to fill a Maximizer technical experience void on the East Coast. Based in Conception Bay South, NL, Shannon quickly realized that the market was being underserved due to lack of public knowledge about Customer Relationship Management. Seeing the potential Maximizer offers businesses to better manage and improve their customer bonds, Shannon was driven to help businesses realize their goals of increasing revenues and achieving higher success by showing them how valuable this software really is. He founded IslandCRM in 2008 to make that happen. IslandCRM was incorporated in 2009.


Our Mission is to source and develop valuable tools that will aide companies around the world in optimizing their performance and maximizing their profits through building and managing stronger customer relationships to improve their bottom line.


Our Vision is to make education, distribution and use of our products and services easy to obtain, easy to understand and easy to incorporate into businesses daily activities. With minimal disruption and expenses we will tailor our products to work with most existing information systems and technologies. Moving forward in research and development and also in our daily business practices we are dedicated to finding ways to reduce environmental footprints. We will foster change through creating applications and incorporating business processes that reduce the use of paper products while eliminating costs associated to postage and shipping of invoices and other paper documentation. We will attempt to reduce travel to jobsites through promoting remote troubleshooting and system administration, where possible, thus reducing emissions and over-use of non-renewable energy sources. We will do our part to continue to find new ways to become more environmentally sustainable in our business practices and encourage our clients to do the same.